And the Winners Are….

And the Winners Are….

We are pleased to announce our Circle of Excellence Booth Award Winners from the 2016 Summer Carolina Bridal Showcase.

As an exhibitor at a wedding expo, you will find that participating can be truly beneficial for you – and not from one point of view only. Some of the advantages of being present at our shows include:

  • The chance to meet with newly engaged couples and present what your business can do for their wedding. In a sea of wedding pros, being truly present at bridal shows can really boost your chances of booking more weddings and making couples happy with your services.
  • The chance to personalize your booth in a way that reflects not only what you are doing as a business, but also in a way that encompasses the wonderful message behind what you do. We’re all unique – and your booth deserves to look special too!
  • The chance to meet with other wedding professionals and network. Getting to know other vendors, discussing the latest trends, and connecting with them can be really profitable for all parties involved – because a strong network of peers is one of the best ways to increase your number of bookings.

Bride City Bridal Shows is here to serve the wedding industry and to help both wedding professionals and their clients benefit from each other and create splendid events together. This is also why we always encourage fair competition and uniqueness – and why we organize contests where wedding professionals can showcase their talents and expertise. So, without further ado, the Circle of Excellence Winners for the 2016 Summer Carolina Bridal Showcase are:

Best Overall
Capital City Catering

Best Single Booth
Gold – Tye & Emily Photography
Silver – Applause Catering
Bronze – Events by Snow

Best Double Booth
Gold – Party Reflections
Silver – Bonnie Brunt Cakes
Bronze – American Floral

First Time Exhibitor
Gold – Blush Boutique and Home
Silver – Palmetto Wellness
Bronze – 5 o’clock Somewhere

Most Interactive
Gold – Remax Connected
Silver – Ellen Smith Beauty
Bronze – Tim’s Touch Flowers & Gifts

We would like to thank all of the wedding pros who have chosen to participate at Bride City Bridal Shows! You are all amazing, and we cannot wait to see you again!

Looking to buy a booth at Bride City Bridal Shows? Come visit us, find out more about how you can book more weddings, and be a part of the best bridal show in South Carolina! And if you are ready to buy a booth, we can’t wait to assist you with this process!



What exactly does a Maid of Honor do?

What exactly does a Maid of Honor do?

What exactly does a Maid of Honor do?

Your Maid of Honor and Best Man, your bridesmaids and groomsmen, your parents, the adorable Flower Girl and Ring Bearer – they are all very important people included within your wedding. Therefore, you want them to know exactly what their roles entail and what their tasks are for this hugely important event in your life.

What are these duties, to be more precise? Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind:

  • Traditionally, the parents of the bride are tasked with organizing and paying for the wedding. However, this is rarely practiced these days, as the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom and very often the couple will split the costs of the wedding. Aside from this duty, the parents also have the opportunity to participate in different wedding planning activities, dance with their daughter/son at the wedding, and generally help entertain the guests too.
  • The Maid of Honor and the Best Man are very often considered to be the closest equivalent to a “personal advisor” for the bride, and respectively the groom. They also coordinate the bridesmaids and groomsmen in different wedding planning-related tasks, as well as in choosing their dresses (and making sure they attend all fitting appointments too).
  • The Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer are most often the youngest members of the wedding party. The Flower Girl walks down the aisle before the bride, while the Ring Bearer walks down the aisle to bring the pillow with the rings on it. Their main task, though? Being absolutely adorable!
  • If you have friends or relatives who are too young to be bridesmaids or groomsmen, but too old to be Flower Girls or Ring Bearers, think of offering them the honorary titles of “Junior Bridesmaid” and “Junior Groomsman”. They will be delighted with their role!

Bride City Bridal Shows wants brides to plan the perfect weddings they’ve always dreamed of. If you are still searching for the ideal wedding pros for your Big Day in South Carolina, be sure to come and visit us! Don’t forget to book your tickets online here!

5 Summer Wedding Favors We Love

5 Summer Wedding Favors We Love

Be unique with the creation of your summer wedding favors!

Your summer wedding should really stand out and be memorable. After all, this is such a special event in your life that it is only natural to want everything about it to be unique, personal and full of candor.

How to bring all this into your wedding favors? What are some of the most special summer wedding favors ideas your guests will surely love? Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Sunglasses. If you want to have an outdoor ceremony, offering customized pairs of sunglasses will be more than welcomed. Plus, this is the kind of favor everyone will be able to re-use and enjoy after the wedding too – especially if you choose to personalize them with something discrete, such as by having them in your wedding colors or adding a small heart pattern to the design.
  • Mason jars. Weddings and mason jars have been great friends for the past few years – and truth be told, we really can’t have enough of them. Offer customized mason jars (or wine bottles) – they are unique, cute and everyone loves them. Plus, you can fill them with delicious summer treats, such as organic honey or homemade jam.
  • Mini candles. Want to offer something that will enchant your guests’ senses? Offer personalized mini-candles in your favorite fragrances, in the colors of your wedding. This is a gift nobody can refuse!
  • Succulents. If you want your guests to take home wedding favors that are truly special and meaningful, offer them small pots of plants. Succulents make for a great choice because they withstand the heat and they will be more than able to survive the wedding.
  • Seeds. This is the kind of wedding favor that’s as emotional as it’s unique. Personalize small paper envelopes (with a cute quote or your wedding date, for example), and fill them with flower seeds. Tell people to plant these seeds as a symbol of your growing love – they will be more than happy to do it!

Bride City Bridal Shows brings together amazing wedding professionals – all of whom are ready to provide you with truly exquisite services for your Big Day. Come visit us, purchase your tickets online and allow our exhibitors to help you plan the perfect wedding you have always wanted!


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