5 Summer Wedding Favors We Love

by | Aug 5, 2016 | General Information |

Be unique with the creation of your summer wedding favors!

Your summer wedding should really stand out and be memorable. After all, this is such a special event in your life that it is only natural to want everything about it to be unique, personal and full of candor.

How to bring all this into your wedding favors? What are some of the most special summer wedding favors ideas your guests will surely love? Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Sunglasses. If you want to have an outdoor ceremony, offering customized pairs of sunglasses will be more than welcomed. Plus, this is the kind of favor everyone will be able to re-use and enjoy after the wedding too – especially if you choose to personalize them with something discrete, such as by having them in your wedding colors or adding a small heart pattern to the design.
  • Mason jars. Weddings and mason jars have been great friends for the past few years – and truth be told, we really can’t have enough of them. Offer customized mason jars (or wine bottles) – they are unique, cute and everyone loves them. Plus, you can fill them with delicious summer treats, such as organic honey or homemade jam.
  • Mini candles. Want to offer something that will enchant your guests’ senses? Offer personalized mini-candles in your favorite fragrances, in the colors of your wedding. This is a gift nobody can refuse!
  • Succulents. If you want your guests to take home wedding favors that are truly special and meaningful, offer them small pots of plants. Succulents make for a great choice because they withstand the heat and they will be more than able to survive the wedding.
  • Seeds. This is the kind of wedding favor that’s as emotional as it’s unique. Personalize small paper envelopes (with a cute quote or your wedding date, for example), and fill them with flower seeds. Tell people to plant these seeds as a symbol of your growing love – they will be more than happy to do it!

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