Capturing your day through video

Capturing your day through video

Consider videography to help you remember your wedding day

Your wedding day is going to be memorable! Unique, magical, whimsical, and absolutely romantic, this day is the kind of event you want to capture in a stunning way. And while photography is definitely a must when it comes to weddings, did you know that hiring a videographer can help you preserve the Big Day in an even more candid way?

What’s more, there are many types of wedding videography – and one of them will surely suit you and your wedding style. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Probably one of the most formal types of wedding videos, the cinematic movie will be truly elegant and glamorous – but not in a way that’s too passé. Choose this type of wedding videography if you are having a traditional, elegant wedding, or if you simply want the Big Day to be captured from as many angles as possible.
  • Stop-motion. Cute and playful, stop-motion movies are a true treat for someone who loves vintage touches and childishness. Ask your videographer to create a movie with some of the best wedding photos in stop-motion. It will be so unique and so full of positive vibes!
  • Same-day. As the name suggests it, same-day videography is created on the actual wedding day. The videographer gathers some of the best wedding photos and creates a short collage video that will be presented during the actual wedding reception. Amazing idea if you want to add a bit of “extra entertainment” for the reception!

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Photo source: ryan_polei