Create a scrumptious wedding signature cocktail

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Create a scrumptious wedding signature cocktail, perfect for the hot season of Summer

Your wedding drinks and food are very important if you want guests to have a really good time while celebrating with you. And yet, nothing beats a signature cocktail in terms of uniqueness and sophistication!

What are some of the best wedding signature cocktails for the hot days of summer? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

  • Red mojito. Bored of the good, old green-tinted mojito? Then serve guests with a red upgrade of this famous drink! Add berries to the mix and the cocktail will not only “borrow” from the lively color of these summer fruits, but it will also be extremely flavorful and tasty.
  • Lemonade with pear vodka. Want to delight your guests with a drink that’s both refreshing and strong? Pear vodka is a very unique choice – and when you combine it with lemonade and lavender, you get a summer mix that’s perfect for the joyful vibes surrounding you all.
  • Pimm’s cup. A classic everyone loves, Pimm’s cup can make for a unique cocktail if, instead of the traditional cucumber slices, you use fruit as garnishes. What’s more, when you combine this drink with ginger ale, you can create a cocktail that’s guaranteed to be loved by everyone at your wedding!
  • White sangria. Fresh, delicious and just a bit colored in pink, a white sangria cocktail incorporates white wine and some red berries. Serve this with ice and it will be more than perfect on a hot summer day!
  • Lemonade champagne. Another cocktail based on lemonade, this one will definitely have everyone bubbly with joy and deliciousness. After all, what other is there better or more elegant than champagne for an event as important as your wedding?

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