It’s All About the Girl in the White Dress

by | Jun 18, 2016 | General Information |

As a bride, you want to look splendid on your wedding day – and considering the significance of your wedding day, it is only natural to feel this way.  How do you choose a dress that truly highlights your natural beauty and your figure?  We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pear shaped. If you are one of the ladies who are larger in the bottom area, search for an A-lined wedding dress.  These gowns look really amazing on just about anyone and they can be suitable for a wide range of types of weddings too.  For a more elegant affair, you can wear an A-line made with luxurious fabrics, while for a more casual wedding, you can wear the same cut, made from fabrics that are more down-to-earth.
  • Apple shaped. The key is to create that beautiful hourglass-shaped illusion – and, in order to do this, we highly advise you to underline your waistline (either with a gown that puts emphasis in the area or with a wedding dress belt or sash).
  • If you are taller than average, you should choose a dress that’s simple and beautifully elegant.  Also, if you plan on wearing a long-sleeved design, pay attention to the sleeves, as they should reach beyond the wrists.
  • If you are petite, choose a dress that comes above your natural waistline (ideally a sheath, a trumpet or a modified A-line dress.  Stay away from ball-gowns or dresses that might make you feel “hidden” in them and stick to cuts that elongate your entire figure and emphasize your body’s gentleness and delicacy.
  • Smaller around the chest. Want to create extra-volume around your chest area?  Choose a dress that comes with embellishments in this particular part of the body and it will make you feel amazing!

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