Your Summer wedding should be full of style!

by | Jul 30, 2016 | General Information |

Planning a summer wedding? You must be really excited about the upcoming event – and you surely want everything about it to look really beautiful too! How to sprinkle true, unique style over your entire summer wedding? We have some pretty inspiring ideas for you – so read on if you need a creative boost:

  • Summer sweetness. Having a cake is really nice – but having summer sweet treats can add a lot to your Big Day’s style and uniqueness! For example, serving large bowls of cherries or other summer fruit can be a healthy alternative to a candy bar. And if you want to pamper your guests, you can definitely serve them ice cream as well – no matter how young or old we may be, we will always love this yummy, icy dessert!
  • Special florals. Steal a bit of inspiration from the natural décor found on tropical islands and bring this into your wedding centerpieces. For example, you could opt for centerpieces in multiple colors, placed at different tables (each table with its own color). Also, you could combine flowers and tropical summer fruit for centerpieces that are genuinely special (e.g. your favorite flowers with lemons, for example).
  • Cooling favors. Make your wedding favors more than appreciated by offering items that help guests stay cool throughout the wedding. Fans, fresh face spritzers, personalized sunglasses – they can all be personal touches to your Big Day and it is guaranteed guests will make great use of them.
  • Amazing comfort. Want to be sure everyone feels really comfortable at your wedding? Give up on the black-tie attire and ask people to come dressed more casually. Meet them with fun colored flip flops at the entrance to make things even easier for them!
  • Cute insects. We may not like mosquitoes and flies in the summer – but ladybugs and bumblebees can be really adorable (and they have positive symbolism too). Make great use of these motifs and you will bring a touch of cuteness to your wedding day.

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Photo source: Fire At Will [Photography]